BTS – BTS Cypher Pt.1 (Lyrics + Translation)

RM | J-Hope | Suga

Damn 힙부심, 아이돌 랩퍼? Cut that 불씨*
Damn hipbusim, aidol raeppeo? Cut that bulssi*
Damn, hip-hop pride, Idol rapper? Cut that ember*

어차피 본질은 아이돌 쉿이라며 날 무시해
eochapi bonjireun aidol swisiramyeo nal musihae
Saying my essence is a shitty idol, you look down on me

줏대 따위는 개주고 내 이름을 비웃지
jutdae ttawineun gaejugo nae ireumeul biutji
You give away your principles and spinelessly laugh at my name

물타기와 무시밖에 모르는 니들이, how you kill me?
multagiwa musibakke moreuneun nideuri, how you kill me?
You, who only know about watering things down and belittling others, how you kill me?

So I bring the monster back, my monster swag
So this is the monster track, ’cause of my freaking monster rap

현대판 홍길동들, 좋은 걸 보고도 좋다고 못해
hyeondaepan honggildongdeul, joheun geol bogodo johdago mothae
The Hong Gildongs of the modern era, you see a good thing and can’t even say you like it**

3세대 리더 so I’mma lead ya 이건 세대교체 I’m sayin
samsedae rideo so I’mma lead ya igeon sedaegyoche I’m sayin
The third generation leader, so I’mma lead ya, this is a transition of generations***

Yeah I’m the top of the top of the top,
Still we poppin’em, rockin’em, stoppin’em, blockin’em, like the Cassius’ lance

I’m a don, 비트 끄지마 because I’m not freakin’ done
I’m a don, biteu kkeujima because I’m not freakin’ done
I’m a don, don’t turn off the beat, because I’m not freakin’ done

비트 위에선 까불지마 ’cause every kick is my freaking zone
biteu wieseon kkabuljima ’cause every kick is my freaking zone
Don’t play around on the beat ’cause every kick is my freaking zone

난 원래 관대해 but now I’mma murder your rappers
nan wonrae gwandaehae but now I’mma murder your rappers
I’m usually generous, but I’mma murder your rappers

차례대로 썰어버리고 then I’mma murder you haters
charyedaero sseoreobeorigo then I’mma murder you haters
I’m going to cut you one by one then I’mma murder you haters

자 이제 날 봐, 그리고 말해봐 누가 니 top 5?
ja ije nal bwa, geurigo malhaebwa nuga ni top 5?
Now look at me and tell me, who are your top 5?

랩몬스터, 란다, 리다, 랩몬, 니 아빠****
raepmonseuteo, randa, rida, raepmon, ni appa****
Rap Monster, Randa, leader, RapMon, your daddy****

지금은 hope world, from BTS
jigeumeun hope world, from BTS
It’s hope world, from BTS

전부 날 follow 내 가능성은 리트윗돼
jeonbu nal follow nae ganeungseongeun riteuwisdwae
Everyone follows me, my possibility gets retweeted

모두에게 알려 내 flow, 고막을 타고 니 몸을 채워
moduege allyeo nae flow, gomageul tago ni momeul chaewo
I announce my flow to everyone, it flows through your eardrums and fills up your body

칼을 갈았어, 내일을 위해 get back in the days
kareul garasseo, naeireul wihae get back in the days
I sharpened my knife for tomorrow, get back in the days

나이도 나이고, 라임도 몰랐던 아이고
naido naigo, raimdo mollatdeon aigo
My age was one thing, but I was also a kid who didn’t even know what a rhyme is

그저 아이돌 바라본 광주의 흔한 아이였던 나
geujeo aidol barabon gwangjuui heunhan aiyeotdeon na
I was just one of those kids in Gwangju who wanted to become an idol

그래 이젠 보여줄게
geurae ijen boyeojulge
Yeah, let me show you now

이 트랙 위 Cypher에서 내 포부를 밝혀 I’m above the minors
i teuraek wi Cyphereseo nae pobureul balkhyeo I’m above the minors
In the cypher on this track, I reveal my ambition, I’m above the minors

그래 너완 다른 메이저 uh TV screen을 난 채워 uh
geurae neowan dareun meijeo uh TV screeneul nan chaewo uh
Yeah, a major unlike you, uh, I fill the TV screen, uh

래퍼 코스튬? No 거품을 거두고 내뱉어 내가 원하던 것을
raepeo koseutyum? No geopumeul geodugo naebaeteo naega wonhadeon geoseul
Rapper costume? No, after wiping away the bubbles, I spit out what I’ve wanted

난 지금 어딜 가도 이슈감
nan jigeum eodil gado isyugam
Wherever I go now, it’s makes an issue

배가 아프면 병원 가 전치 2주감
baega apeumyeon byeongwon ga jeonchi ijugam
If your stomach hurts, go to the hospital, it’ll take two weeks to recover¹

내 패배를 바랬던 사람들 다 뒷목을 잡지
nae paebaereul baraetdeon saramdeul da dwitmogeul japji
Everyone who hoped for my defeat holds the back of their neck²

힙부심 판치는 게임 위 j-hope은 반칙
hipbusim panchineun geim wi j-hopeeun banchik
In this game where hip hop pride overflows, j-hope is a foul³

난 미필 but 취미는 저격
nan mipil but chwimineun jeogyeok
I haven’t served my military duty, but my hobby is sniping

We are bulletproof로 한방을 먹였지
We are bulletproofro hanbangeul meogyeotji
I gave them a punch with “We Are Bulletproof”

어설픈 가짜들은 찔려 반응하지
eoseolpeun gajjadeureun jjillyeo baneunghaji
Clumsy dummies respond, feeling guilty

좀더 열폭 해봐라 내 발음화질은 4k
jomdeo yeolpok haebwara nae bareumhwajireun po-k
Keep exploding your inferior complex, the resolution of my pronunciation is 4K

I’m dope man 난 비트 위에선 쇼팽
I’m dope man nan biteu wieseon syopaeng
I’m dope man, on the beat, I’m a Chopin

난 절때 안 변해 태어날 때부터 난 모태⁴
nan jeolttae an byeonhae taeeonal ttaebuteo nan motae⁴
I never change, from when I was born, I was a

born rapper, my attitude는 내 멘토
born rapper, my attitudeneun nae mento
born rapper, my attitude is my mentor

니들이 씹고 물어 뜯어도 난 메멘토
nideuri ssipgo mureo tteudeodo nan memento
Even if you chew and bite me off, I’m a memento

힙부심 부려봐 내게 느끼는 무력감
hipbusim buryeobwa naege neukkineun muryeokgam
Show me your hip-hop pride, the feeling of powerlessness you have from seeing me

질투심 숨겨라 니 아이피 다 보일라
jiltusim sumgyeora ni aipi da boilla
Hide your jealousy, your IP might show

난 보일러 순식간에 hot해졌지
nan boilleo sunsikgane hothaejyeotji
I’m a boiler, I became hot instantly

스포일러처럼 너는 안 봐도 뻔해졌지
seupoilleocheoreom neoneun an bwado ppeonhaejyeotji
Like a spoiler, you became predictable without

속절 없이 멍청한 힙찌질일 고쳐놨지
sokjeol eopsi meongcheonghan hipjjijiril gochyeonwatji
I fixed the helplessly stupid hip-hop losers

근본 없이 커져간 이 가요곈 공존하기엔 빡세
geunbon eopsi keojyeogan i gayogyen gongjonhagien ppakse
In this pop scene that has grown in size without fundamentals, it’s tough to coexist

그러니 랩은 취미로 해
geureoni raebeun chwimiro hae
So just rap as a hobby

말세야 말세, 찔리면 노력해 what!
malseya malse, jjillimyeon noryeokhae what!
The world is going to the dogs, if you feel guilty, try harder, what!

* Wordplay: 불씨 is literally the seed () of fire () and is used as a metaphor for a small thing that can spark up something bigger. The pronunciation of 불씨, bulssi, is similar to bullshit, which justifies the placement of 불씨 (“cut that BS”).
** T/N: 홍길동 (Hong Gildong) is the main character of The Story of Hong Gildong. Born as a child of a concubine, he could not call his father father and his hyung (who is the legitimate son of his father) hyung.
*** T/N: BTS belongs to the 3rd generation of Korean idols.
**** T/N: (Runch) Randa was Rap Monster’s stage name as an underground rapper.
¹ T/N: “One’s stomach hurts” is synonymous to “one is jealous”
² T/N: One would hold the back of their neck when they get extremely angry or surprised by something completely unexpected. A cliche in Korean dramas.
³ T/N: Foul as a cheat code in video games.
⁴ Wordplay: 못 해 (can’t do) is pronounced 모태 (motae). “I never change. From when I was born, I can’t do it. Born rapper.” 모태 (母胎; pronounced motae), literally meaning ‘inside mother’s womb,’ is used when someone is a born-something. “I never change, since before when I was born, I’m a born rapper.”
(source: doolsetbangtan)

Color Code: creamcolorcoded
Korean: Genie
Rom: creamcolorcoded
Eng: doolsetbangtan


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